A thermographic camera shows it:

Each surface, regardless of the state of matter, with a temperature above the absolute zero point (-273 °C) emits an electromagnetic heat radiation that lies beyond the red line of visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Of particular interest for infrared thermography is the thermal infrared with a wavelength range up to 14 microns, since the heat radiation is emitted most intense in this part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The implementation of a thermographic recording from the outside is weather-dependent and is limited to the colder season. The temperature difference when taking pictures should be at least 10-15 degrees Celsius and direct sunlight should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, outdoor exposure is the best time to measure early in the morning when the wall surface temperatures have settled to the outside temperature level.

Show invisible defects!

Especially older buildings often have weak spots where precious energy is lost unused. For used real estate is added that defects often go undetected and he only recognized damage when it is visible (for example, small water leak). In thermography building and parts are represented by the infrared waves in colour. The brighter / darker the radiation, the more intense the heat / cold.

Quick can be recognized:

- whether your doors and windows close airtight
- whether your outer walls lose heat
- if the insulation was installed incorrectly
- radiator tables exist
- air leaks exist / mostly in the roof construction
- Existence of the danger of mold growth by dew point measurement

moisture/water                        normal view

leakage air                               normal view

What should I do?

We carry out a professional thermographic examination of your home on your premises. The infrared technology of the thermography cameras makes the surface temperature of your building visible. You will then receive a result report including photos of your house, which clearly shows where valuable energy is lost and where you can save a lot with little effort. However, it is important to know that the thermographic examination can only be carried out during the heating season in the cold winter months (normally from October to March) due to weather conditions.

Note: An external image is only indicative and can be based on various hints. confirmation
various problems can finally be determined only by an internal investigation.

How much is the examination?   * An extensive outside examination of an one to six family house costs**  EUR 199,00 incl. 19% MwSt.
    * A total examination (inside and outside) of a one family house costs** EUR 399,00 incl. 19% MwSt
    * A total examination (inside and outside) of a six family house costs** EUR 999,00 incl. 19% MwSt.
    **An extensive photo documentation is contained in the price and shows you the faults, leaks and problems.  

example lack insulation       example leaking window       example radiator niche        dew point mess/mold risk