An association with traditional roots

For its approximately 6,000 member companies, the IVD is the representative body representing the interests of politics, business, chambers, press, associations, consumers, etc. and the first point of contact for all professional policy and practical issues.

Real estate agents, real estate managers, financial service providers, valuation experts, property developers and many more
Companies providing real estate-related services have found their interest-political home in the IVD.


What does the consumer have of the IVD?

Buying an apartment or house is usually the biggest investment in the buyer's life. Good advice is essential. Competent real estate agents advise their customers comprehensively and qualified. The management of real estate is an important task during the management of the property. The real estate managers of the IVD are specialists in this sector. Valuation as the basis of real estate investment is the field of activity of the experts and valuers in the IVD. The real estate consultants in the IVD also provide many other real estate advisory services to consumers and customers. The IVD obliges its members to attend regular training courses and seminars in order to always be up-to-date with the latest developments in real estate. In order to become a member of the Union and to be able to carry the IVD seal, a comprehensive entrance examination must be passed and exact competition rules adhered to. In addition, all IVD companies are specially insured.

A so-called property damage liability insurance is a must for all members. In addition, the IVD maintains one for all members Fidelity insurance. This is probably unique in Germany Insurance package held for members of a professional association. The ombudsman real estate in the IVD is the neutral contact point for all Consumers who make a complaint about the operation of a Real estate experts in the IVD. The Ombudsman is in the Statute of the association enshrined, which obliges all association members are involved in the procedure initiated by the Ombudsman. With In this comprehensive package, the IVD logo is a mark of competence and competence Professionalism in the real estate industry. Consumers should be careful that they work with an IVD member.

In its mission statement, the IVD has anchored that the association stands for: "The Trademark of Qualified Real Estate Agent, Administrator and Expert ", The guiding principle of the IVD is the economic reconciliation of interests between the partners involved in real estate transactions. The IVD brokers and administrators, Valuers and consultants act as neutral intermediaries between the interests the participants have their qualified knowledge at their disposal.

Professional service providers are concrete consumer protection

Well-trained service providers are concrete consumer protection. In order to meet the education and training interests of member companies and all companies active in the real estate market, IVD operates its own academies, which are state-recognized as supplementary schools. At the study locations Berlin, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Munich and Saarbrücken, the German Real Estate Academy (DIA) and the European Real Estate Academy (EIA) offer extra-occupational training and further education, for example: B. to real estate specialist (IHK) or as contact studies real estate. In cooperation with DIA and the Center for Real Estate Studies at the Steinbeis University of Applied Sciences Berlin (SHB), interested real estate experts can acquire the bachelor's or master's degree while working part-time.

The real estate business magazine "AIZ - Das Immobilienmagazin" informs monthly about market and trends, legislation and jurisdiction, projects and objects as well as about corporate management and real estate marketing.
Even customers and consumers will find many interesting suggestions here. You can subscribe to the magazine at For apprentices in the real estate industry, the IVD publishes the training magazine "Undressing!" twice a year.

Offices as a starting point
In 7 service packages, the IVD has its services for the members summarized. The federal office of the IVD under the direction of the Federal Managing Director Sun Jensch as well as the altogether 6 Regional offices are competent call centers for inquiries, Arranging addresses of estate agents and other advisers in the IVD. There you can also order the association's price collections and other publications.

The IVD was created in 2004 as a merger of the hitherto independent traditional associations Ring Deutscher Makler (RDM) and Verband Deutscher Makler (VDM).

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