►   P E R F O R M A N C E   O F   T H E   F I E L D   T H E   A C T I V I T Y
Each market value calculation / appraisal is created individually and according to order specifications. The market-driven review of real estate values, especially in the light of fluctuating markets, requires a constant focus on timeliness. Each opinion is personally and conscientiously drawn up and controlled from the beginning to the final version.

►   D E F I N I T I O N    O F    M A R K E T   V A L U E 

The market value is defined by law in §194 Federal Building Code: "The market value is determined by the price at the time at which the determination relates, in the ordinary course of business according to the legal conditions and actual properties, the other condition and location of the property or of the other object of the valuation without regard to unusual or personal circumstances. "

The market value is derived by the expert on the basis of §§192 to 199 of the Federal Building Code and the herewith issued real estate value determination ordinance and the value determination guidelines. It is a time-dependent quantity, based on the value determination key date (= key date-related value). Even if the market value is thus a snapshot (time value), its height is largely determined by a longer future expectation of the acquirer. The legal and administrative provisions used for the valuation as well as the literature used in the report are listed in the attached bibliography.

In addition, the most important data (if created and available) derived from the purchase price list you have managed by the local valuation committee for property values ​​has been used to determine the value. These are in particular the land values, real estate interest rates, market adjustment factors and the like.The present market value determination took place taking into account the real estate market situation at the time of appraisal and gives approximately the value that can be achieved under the premise of supply and demand in the open real estate market.

►   D O C U M E N T S   T H A T   A R E   N E E D E D

Various documents are required for the creation of an appraisal / appraisal.
In essence, these are:

- current land register excerpt
- a building lot statement
- an area calculation
- Floor plans
- Site plan
- rental and / or lease contracts (if rented or leased)

In individual cases further documents may be required:

- Rental income statement (for rented properties and MFHs)
- declaration of division (for condominiums or commercial part ownership)
- last housekeeping bill
- last 3 minutes of owner meetings (for condominium or commercial part ownership)
- Specifications
- Information on eventl. legal disputes
- Information on investments in recent years
- Information on maintenance residues

For each valuation is a detailed object inspection and photo documentation. Should not all
Documents are available, we will help you with the procurement.

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